Febdok is a complete software for making documentation of electrical installations according to the relevant standards, FEL and NEK 400. Febdok are currently used for installations in dwellings, offshore, hospitals, industrial and commercial buildings.


Febdok is being used by electrical contractors, advisors, engineers and schools. The software is a market leader within calculation of electrical installations in Norway. We regularly develop and maintain the software for our customers. Febdok was first launched in 1991, and you can buy Febdok in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and England, branded as “Design Genie”.

Febdok features

  • Calculate short circuit and fault currents
  • Calculate touch voltage and voltage drop.
  • Select conductors, busbars and protective devices
  • Control short circuit capacities and disconnection times for protective devices.
  • Control discrimination between protective devices
  • Check backup and cascade protection
  • Provide necessary documentation for DNO, electrical safety authorities and installers
  • Send installation supply application form electronically
  • Calculate UPS both in network and battery mode
  • Calculate transformers, both primary and secondary side
  • Use “Boligmappa”
  • Calculate generator installations
    (requires module) 
  • Calculate impedance earthed network
    (requires module) 

Documents and reports

  • Cover page
  • Main data
  • Single line overview diagram
  • Distribution center diagram
  • Distribution board circuits
  • Fault currents distribution boards
  • Distribution board circuits, detailed
  • Protective Device adjustment
  • Calculation results
  • Distribution board circuits, also extended
  • Discrimination analysis
  • Fault message for circuits
  • Deviation scheme
  • Cable, Busbar and O/C device types
  • Statement of work
  • DSB report on faults
  • UPS inquiry
  • Generator inquiry
  • “5 Sikre”


A single start package has 2 user access rights. This means that you can install Febdok on 2 computers. Single version of Febdok can now use a server user access right and connect to a Febdok server

A server start package has 2 simultaneously user access rights. This means that 2 users can be logged into the Febdok server.

Server with departments
A Server with departments has 10 simultaneously user access rights and 5 deparments. This means that 10 user can be logged into the Febdok server, and you can register 5 different companies with users within Febdok.

ASP Host
The ASP Host has 1 user access right. This version is ment to run Febdok to other companies. The companies have ASP Client which is connected to the ASP Host.

ASP Client
The ASP Client has 2 user access rights. This version has to be connected to a ASP Host. When the ASP Client is added to the ASP Host it has it own licensepool, users and database.